Machine vision in smart factory

The transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry is imperative. Many manufacturers have already begun to act. Countless intelligent factories will gradually spread across all manufacturing fields. In addition to various automation technologies, information interconnection, robotics and other technologies, machine vision technology will also become an indispensable key link in intelligent factories.

With 20 years deep electronics manufacturing industry powerful media resource and the successful experience of more than 10 years of professional Events, held by ACT International and Vision Systems Design China magazine, committed to the development of the booster industry VisionCon visual system Design meetings, begin from 2016, tour in selected cities across the country every year. After continuous good businesses to participate in interaction, the Event has become the industry's leading value service platform. Shenzhen meeting is about to launch, will focus on intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, 3 d vision, wisdom, factory, high-end robots, such as hot topic, sincerity to share the current advanced technology and machine vision industry solutions, accurate to industry demand reality, through fully research and communication industry enterprises before the meeting, try to make every effort to present a popular, valuable and effective of high-end industry gathering.

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  • − How to maintain sustainable growth?
  • − Do you use machine vision technology in your industry?
  • − Does your company deploy machine vision technology?
  • − What are the industries that are using these hot machine vision products?
  • − What are the problems you encountered when you use machine vision technology?
  • − What practical benefits can machine vision bring to the users?
  • − When you see others making money and want to enter the industry, where do you find the breakthrough point?
  • − What’s the outlook from now to 2019, after the previous rapid growth?

Find the answers at the VisionCon Shenzhen.


  • The latest developments and applications of AI and machine learning
  • Applications of infrared combined with AI in machine vision
  • The latest development of lens and its applications in high-definition imaging
  • Polarization camera technology and its innovative applications
  • 3D imaging technology and its latest applications
  • General considerations of lighting for machine vision and techniques for lighting
  • Smart cameras and their applications in industrial manufacturing
  • Software technologies push intelligent manufacturing
  • Integration of vision technologies and IoT
  • Construction and applications of embedded vision system